Thieves Steal World Cup Security Story

in one year.  Perhaps, this would have gone unnoticed except for another story broadcast several days ago on NHK’s evening broadcast. An NHK crew was getting some footage of Johannesburg streets as the lead in for a story about the city’s efforts to increase security ahead of  the World Cup in June.  Japanese tourists (among world’s most popular – they stay only a few days, spend a lot, and cause little trouble) are a key audience to attract for a successful event.  But the story, as stories often do, went another direction.  With cameras rolling, four(?) robberies took place and one suspect was chased and shot by the police.  The story went from “safe streets” to “stay the hell away from here.”   Eventually, the story moved to the original theme, showing cops training, driving cars fast, shooting and such.  Nice visuals, but hardly reassuring.]]>

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