Where Are They Now: Tiger Woods Returns to Golf

nuclear arms and, as expected, the morning Japanese wide shows focused on something evidently more important: The return of Tiger Woods to professional golf competition. Actually, it was the second day that Woods led the morning wides, and one commentator defended it, saying that the world’s most famous golfer was bigger than Obama.  We’ll assume this wasn’t a serious comment, but rather a way of explaining that Woods is infinitely more fun to talk about. Woods, after violating nearly every basic rule of crisis communication, is finally back to where he needed to be well before this — competing.  His non-golf notoriety will continue, no doubt about that, but he will go on.  Poorer, but, it is hoped, wiser for the whole adventure.  Some of his sponsorships are gone, too, most likely forever. That’s fine.  Now that the fiction of Tiger Wonderful is gone, we can move on to more pressing matters. Anybody care to discuss nuclear proliferation?  I didn’t think so.]]>