The Most Dominant Athlete You Never Heard Of

Ten straight world championships, including two Olympic gold medals and you still haven’t heard of her.   She’s 27 and she has lost hardly lost in international competition, winning 119 straight between 2002 and 2008.  Barring injury and boredom, she will likely win many more world championships.  Chance are, except for reading this, you have never heard of her and you never will again. She has tried to get attention in many ways.  She dominates opponents.  Most try to deal with her the way they would a train wreck (they just want to survive).  Her championship matches largely consist of the opponent fighting to avoid a pin.  And she wins with style — catching some nice hang time off the handsprings she often does after winning.  She has even appeared in some ads on Japanese TV for ALSOK, a security company. It doesn’t matter.  She’ll never really be famous because Saori Yoshida’s sport is women’s freestyle wrestling (weight class 55 kg).  That’s just not going to get her on the cover of Sports Illustrated, or even Sports Graphic Number any time soon. (She has appeared on the cover of a manga, but that’s not exactly fame, is it?) She now has winning a third Olympic gold in London in her sights.  The only way she might be able to attract attention would be if she loses, because that would be such a surprise.  It’s highly unlikely that there will be any surprises.]]>